Miranda Kerr at Paris Fashion Week

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She’s become so high-fashion! I love her perfectly baggy minimalist outfit, burgundy heels, red lips and large dark glasses.


Something Different

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Welcome to Thurday October 27th, 2011.

I’m currently sitting in a cafe and watching the warm autumnal sun fall on this grungry Mission intersection. Join my auditory wavelength by clicking here:



My Dream City – Berlin

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Earlier this year I decided that I was ready to start pursuing my dreams.

I had my airline ticket purchased and was ready to start soaking in the language, experimental art, and world-class electronic music offerings in Berlin this upcoming February when Paris stole my heart SO I’ll be an official Parisienne starting in January, but will plan to spend no shortage of time

I highly recommend this Resident Advisor article chronicling on the development of contemporary underground electronic music culture in the city:  http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?1117

George Michael’s Too Funky

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So nostalgic for the Supermodel heyday of the early 90′s. Such elegant expressions on long, lean and healthy curvaceous bodies.


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How was it that I didn’t see this video when it launched earlier this year? Feast your eyes on Justin Timberlake’s latest production, vocalist Esmee Denters. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Celine Resort 2012

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What can one say about this collection? This intersection of immaculate suiting, glamorous luxury accessories, embroidered floral tapestry and messy bedroom hair is none other than the eponymous French luxury brand Céline. Channeling Françoise Hardy with minimal makeup, the effortless collection perfectly captured the contemporary Parisienne.

In the Backseat

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Edita Vilkeviciute for H&M by Camilla Akrans

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Lovely Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute is photographed by Camilla Akrans for this season’s H&M Catalog. The styling is simple and impactful.

Unfortunately for me, H&M and F21 garments, outside of the basic tee, don’t flatter my body shape. C’est le vie, the prices are low enough such that my expectations for fabric and fit have become quite low as well.

The warm color treatment makes me reminiscent of Manhattan Beach and my years in Los Angeles. Looking forward to going back for a visit this summer, but until then, I continue to live in my sweaters, scarves, and rain jacket.

Scarlet Mystery Woman

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Obsessed with this striking woman who I found when browsing FaceHunter.

Scarlet nails and lips, multi-color Swatch, neutral winter coat with stole, and alligator bag. What a chic specimen.

Will be taking this photo to Sephora this week and trying to match the lipstick shade to replicate the look.

Images via Face Hunter

User-Centered Design: The Debate

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Is a user-centered and user-derived approach to design, espoused by major consultancies including IDEO, in fact a “creatively stifling” practice that prevents disruptive design iteration? Personally I think it’s important to do thorough customer research and collect real-world data on customer demand, yet to what point is relying on customer feedback useful, scalable, and progressive?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter, Kat Schenke!

Lady Gaga’s Latest Music Video “Born This Way”

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Lady Gaga’s latest video for “Born This Way” is a visual and referential spectacle.

Gaga’s countless references to the artistic works of Madonna include a “Vogue” menswear wardrobe, CGI-created gap between Gaga’s front teeth, and most strikingly, the “Evil-forces” montage in which Gaga and her dancers, decked out in black PVC garments and cornrow hairstyles, writhe  and pulse in an organic mass, a clear allusion to Madonna’s “Human Nature” music video.

I personally loved the kaleidoscope video technique used in the the prelude as well as the pink triangles (she is a huge advocate for LGBT rights) featuring Lisa Frank-inspired neon coloration and sparkly unicorn CGI effects.

Ever the shrewd marketer, Lady Gaga’s aesthetic choices work to intensify her existing fan base of individuals nostalgic for the pop culture of the early 90′s, with emphasis on popular music video artistry. Although I found the choreography in this video to be visually uninteresting and underwhelming in comparison to previous executions, this video is studded with allusions that effectively transport the average American viewer back to a more aesthetically-vivid and economically optimistic time: The early to mid nineteen nineties.

A Sight to Behold

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My very dear friend Aaron Van Lieu, who is a talented special effects and video artist, created this surreal clip set to Devendra Banhart’s Sight to Behold, from an assortment of old family videos and 2008 footage from Los Angeles. You can see some footage of yours truly around 1:58. Enjoy!

The Newly Redesigned W Magazine

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This video follows fabulous the newly minted W Magazine Editor-in-Chief Stefano Tonchi as he revamps the well known fashion and arts publication. I look forward to exploring the changes – including the new, highly-stylized W logo, which I’ve already grown to love.

To be frank  - I have never bought nor intend to buy periodicals. Strategically, an ad-supported freemium digital format would be a wise business consideration. (In this case a paid, ad-free format would work against the interests of the readership, who are as interested in seeing their favorite brand’s latest ad campaigns as they are about enjoying the editorial shoots and articles created by W Staff.) In this economy, an ad-supported iPad app is the logical accompaniment to the site redesign they’re already undertaking in support of the magazine’s rebranding.

The following statement by Tonchi illustrates a highly idealistic perspective on the contemporary publishing arena:

“I share a set of values with the Newhouses,” he said of Condé Nast’s owners. “We believe in the strength of journalism on paper, and we believe in magazines, and I think we believe in this kind of fantastic combination of images and words that publications are.”

A” fantastic combination,” magazines are,  yet without a more market-aware monetization model, Condé Nast is going to continue suffering their current financial pinch.


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Fresh-faced Croatian model Andrej Pejic is a fresh face that’s making an impact in more ways than one.

The male model has walked graced many a Paris Homme Fashion week stage including John Galliano, Raf Simons, and John Paul Gaultier. Look forward to seeing more of him, possibly even beside top female models like Natasha Poly? Something great is brewing here.

Yeah Abbey!

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Like Aquarelle on Cement

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Via alltheprettybirds


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Shoes, Sun, and the Oncoming Winter Season

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I love Camilla Skovgaard’s latest collection. I enjoyed the final sunshine of the season on the beaches of Kata, Karong, and Surin on Phuket and Koh Racha Yai this year. My boyfriend and I returned from a 2.5 week long trip to Thailand and Cambodia on Sunday afternoon, and a crisp breeze welcomed us back to our beloved city. As I was biking to work yesterday I was enamored with fall-dipped leaves and the sight of people walking to work wrapped up in warm tweeds, scarves and earmuffs.

Although I won’t be wearing as many open-toed shoes this season, I’m excited for trips up to the mountains for snowboarding adventures, weekends spent in wintry cabin jacuzzis, and evenings spent cuddled up on the couch with the heater warming my feet.

Pictures via Heavy Heels

The Row Spring/Summer 2011

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Lovely video below. The Row offers a modern silhouette, but more notably, impressive use of language by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as they introduce their latest collection. Very chic.

“Keeping in mind our customer – an educated woman. A woman who understands fit.”
“Refined minimal luxury that [is] wearable,”

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011

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And Paris Fashion Week Continues!

Frida Gustavsson opened the show with a splash with an explosive walk in what I thought was one of the standout looks of the Spring/Summer 2011 collections. Reminiscent of feminine strength balanced with toned musculature and an almost-sporty sleekness, Lanvan’s sculptural silhouette has minimized the emphasis on details and accoutrements that have been so overwhelming these past few seasons.

Simple, strong, with an undeniably hourglass shape. So lovely :)

Karlie Kloss has opened several shows this season and her face, particularly when opening Christian Dior, is undeniable. She’s supine beyond belief. I’m excited to see her own this season’s show circuit.
Frida Gustavsson_Christian_Dior_SS11

When Kat Schenke first pointed Karlie out to me in back in 2009, I found her to be dull and lifeless, but she has been honing her skills lately and making very strong showings.